Impact of Restarting Student Loan Repayments

“It’s time to discern signal from noise.” — DISTILL


You’ll be seeing lots of headlines about student loan repayment over the coming months. Bottom line: by the time the scope of the situation becomes clear, there’ll be precious little time to respond.


That’s why we were thrilled to collaborate with our friends at Distill and Hivemind Insights in shining the white hot light of data on this subject.


So, here’s our collective first look at what’s clear now: when it comes to consumer spending, restarting student loan repayments is likely to be a bigger headwind than most folks believe.


Check out the report here for the latest facts on:


1) who’s most likely to be affected
2) how they feel about repaying and
3) how their financial outlook is likely to influence lifestyle choices and spend


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