Roundpeg’s Investigation Into Sustainability

Prompted by recent client questions and articles exploring the pandemic’s impact on Sustainability efforts (both positive and negative) Roundpeg set out to assess the “state of the state”—

1. To establish a contemporary definition of Sustainability
2. To identify consumer motivators for adopting sustainable behaviors, and, ultimately
3. To develop a consumer-driven model for corporate activation.

Our exploration spanned secondary research, expert interviews, and motivation mapping using proprietary analyses of MRI-Simmons-USA syndicated data—a bi-annual survey of rich attitudes, behaviors, and demographics fielded to over 26,000 adults, and projectable to the U.S.

Thanks to Catherine GunsburyPerteet Spencer & Peter Lehner for sharing their expertise and edits throughout the process.

What are you thinking & hearing today in the world of sustainability? We’d love to hear from you.

Download the report, here:

Sustainability 2021 ch 1 FINAL