Brand purpose in 2020 and beyond

Earlier in this Covid-Summer, Roundpeg Consulting, LLC and our friends at DISTILL hosted a panel with leaders of change to discuss ‘Finding Opportunity in Crisis.’ One enterprise strategy exec at a leading retailer shared:


“We’re actually working better cross-functionally than I’ve ever seen because the company is so completely aligned on our purpose and values. It’s our touchstone for making decisions.”


So, while I was encouraged to hear KPMG’s 2020 Outlook highlighted CEO’s belief that purpose is more relevant than ever, I was also relieved to see that ‘belief’ was backed by action — 79% of CEOs have taken the ‘opportunity’ to reevaluate their organization’s purpose. What’s more, 76% also felt a personal responsibility to ‘lead change on societal issues.’


Developing a clear, compelling AND credible purpose isn’t easy. But, done well, purpose can be a powerful throughline — connecting a company to customers to meaningful change in society. Lately, that’s a connection which feels especially worth the investment to make.


How’s your purpose holding up these days?


KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook: Covid-19 Special Edition