Five Things We Learned in 2017

Happy New Year! As we dive into 2018, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazing humans we had the privilege of learning from this last year. From our passionate, game-changing clients to consumers across the country, we’ve engaged with so many interesting people.

Here’s a few of our takeaways from 2017. We hope you enjoy.

  1. Perseverance and progress are in vogue. Whether its their homes, financial well-being or personal health, people are less concerned about “getting ahead” or keeping up appearances. Doing a little better every day trumps being the best.
  2. Finding calm in the storm starts from the inside. Uncertainty and unpredictability have become the norm. Instead of recoiling people are searching out human connections — outlets for self-expression, opportunities to grow with others, to be a positive change.
  3. The chase for millennials goes on. It’s hard to find a client that isn’t concerned about millennials. But the enlightened ones are beginning to recognize that just like any other demographic, millennials are a diverse group of people with a wide range of beliefs. Chasing a generation is fool’s gold. Lock into a mindset to win.
  4. Amazon isn’t killing your brand. The Amazon effect has many companies chasing convenience and price, relegating brand to the passenger seat. Yet consumers profess a desire for strong brands that deliver an authentic experience, have a clear POV and align with their values. Brand still matters.
  5. Organizations are desperate for transformational ideas, but are built to kill them. Many clients are recognizing that the status quo is no longer enough. But just because they want game-changing ideas doesn’t mean they’re ready for them. It takes a strong client team to push through to execution and not let opportunity languish.

Now on to 2018!